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Make your life easy with ALbee: the portable, ready-to use gas cylinder for craftsmen and professionals

  • Easy to choose

    ALbee addresses everyday needs thanks to its clear range of solutions (Flame, Weld, Cool, Fly), meaning you always have an ALbee product fitting your requirements.

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  • Easy to buy

    ALbee is a rental-free cylinder that you simply purchase from your nearest reseller, eliminating additional rental fees and transaction charges. Just concentrate on your work!

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  • Easy to use

    ALbee cylinders include a built-in regulator, on/off lever, content gauge and quick customer connection. No need to worry about spare regulators and gas volume!

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  • Easy to exchange

    Your ALbee is empty? Just return your empty cylinder to your nearest reseller and exchange it by purchasing a refilled cylinder. It’s that easy.

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