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Balloon inflating - ALbee Fly

Balloon inflating

ALbee Fly

Portable cylinders of helium balloon gas to lighten up your festivities and events.
Balloon inflating
ALbee Fly in details

Liven up your festive events and special occasions at home with the ALbee Fly cylinders for helium balloons.

ALbee Fly cylinders are designed to help you fully enjoy your festive moments wherever you are with enhanced safety and complete peace of mind.

The gas cylinders include a built-in regulator featuring an on/off lever, flow-rate wheel, content gauge and integrated balloon inflator.

Capacity Weight Max average balloons*
2.5 liter 5 kg 25 balloons
5 liter 10 kg 50 balloons
11 liter 20 kg 100 balloons

*Estimated quantity for 11-12 inch latex balloons, 18 inch foil balloons