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Discover ALbee

Discover ALbee

Make your life easy with ALbee

ALbee: breaking new ground in small gas cylinders


Air Liquide’s ALbee product range has been specially engineered to meet the needs of craftsmen, combining unparalleled ergonomics with convenience and safety.

ALbee was designed specifically to make the life of tradesmen and professionals easier. Mobility is very essential for the type of craftsmen and small businesses that make up our clientele. Above all, ALbee is a product that can be transported and handled easily. Not to mention, we’ve developed the ALbee range to meet the diverse needs of our clients, who we constantly strive to be in tune with.

How does it work?
The innovative ALbee offer is as easy as this: simply pay and pick up your full ALbee cylinder at any nearby reseller. When empty, you just exchange it for a new cylinder and pay only for the refill.


"Its minimal weight is exactly what I need. For example, if you have to work in an aerial lift, with room for only two people, you need a small, light cylinder."

Jean-Marie Julien, owner of CMJ, an ironworking business near Liège in Belgium

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"Its minimal weight is exactly what I need. For example, if you have to work in an aerial lift, with room for only two people, you need a small, light cylinder. The ALbee™ cylinder’s capacity relative to its size is another strong point; with the integrated regulator, there is practically no risk if the cylinder falls. Another reason I like ALbee™ cylinders is that you do not have to worry about bills lying around because you don’t have to rent them."


ALbee Benefits

Easy to choose

There is always an ALbee cylinder for your needs thanks to a clear range of 4 solutions, available in 4 sizes.

Four solutions:

  • ALbee Flame (oxygen/acetylene) for flame welding
  • ALbee Weld Ar and Weld ArMix (argon and argon/carbon dioxide mix) for arc welding
  • ALbee Cool (nitrogen) for HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment maintenance and installation
  • ALbee Fly (helium) for balloon inflating

Four sizes:

  • 2.5 liter
  • 5 liter
  • 11 liter
  • 13.4 liter

Easy to use

Ready for immediate use.

  • No need to worry about a regulator, it is included in the cylinder.
  • The content gauge ensures that you always know what is left in your cylinder.
  • Transporting ALbee is easy thanks to its light weight and easy handling.
  • ALbee is a ready-to-use product. Just plug your hose into the cylinder thanks to the quick connect system and start to work!

Save your time and money

 Eliminate additional expenses.

  • No more hassle and expense of rental gas cylinders.
  • The easy on/off lever avoids long cut-off times with the standard turning valve wheel.
  • No more external regulators to buy.
  • No more repetitive connection and disconnection of regulators for car transportation.
  • No more leaks.

Be safe

 Air Liquide thoroughly checks and services the cylinder.

  • Clear on/off positions.
  • Shock absorbing guard to protect the built in regulator.
  • Maintenance ensured by Air Liquide at each refill.